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The Caroyoga "Frida" hat is ultra-light, soft and ideal for your mountain summer or for milder winter days.

Strong colors evoke strong emotions ! The yarn is inspired by the strong colors and emotions of the works of Frida Kahlo .

Extra fine merino fibers, extremely soft, light and comfortable to wear.

The yarn is made of pure merino wool, which has very good heat-regulating properties : cool in summer, warm in winter.
Due to the special structure of the fibers, the wool has an insulating and breathable effect.
Compared to other natural fibres, merino wool has the advantage that it retains its good material properties even when wet .
Merino wool is also naturally UV-resistant and has a sun protection factor of 30+

So no matter what weather awaits you, the hat is your ideal companion on all your activities.

Caroyoga "Frida"

SKU: 10802
  • 100% Merino wool
    Hand wash or wool wash program
    Do not use fabric softener

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